You can come to us for independent research, clear conclusions and useful advice on competition matters, market forces, state aid, tenders and market & government. In our approach we combine a scientific approach with targeted and practical analyses and solutions which we substantiate quantitatively as much as possible.

Fair competition is important for a healthy, sustainable and innovative economy. At SEO we have extensive experience with research into how markets function. The topics vary, but have in common that the relationships between and interests of the various stakeholders are complex and lead to a challenging issue. Lotteries, postal

services, online platforms, real estate, learning materials, journalism, transport and telecom are examples of sectors and markets that we recently analysed.

Sub expertise

Fair competition is important for a healthy and innovative economy. Violation of competition rules can lead to substantial economic damage. We use economic research to identify and quantify these potential damages. We also investigate the size of the relevant market and carry out analyses of how the market operates. Our clients in competition cases are companies and lawyers of both the complainant and the defendant. In our research we distinguish ourselves by using advanced econometric techniques and applying the latest insights from the scientific economic literature. In addition to research, we help our clients with advice in competition cases.

We also evaluate competition policy on behalf of governments and assist foreign governments with the implementation of competition policy. We have developed competition policy in Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten.

Do you have to deal with outsourcing of activities and do you wonder whether this is justified from an economic perspective? Or do you want to know whether your market is functioning optimally in terms of market forces? Then you have come to the right place. Among other things, we conduct research into how markets function and why there may be undesirable market outcomes. We do this research mainly for trade organisations, government bodies and (large) companies.

What impact does a tender have on your sector and revenue model? If you want to put out a tender, insight into the economic impact and a well-fitting tender design are required. This can prevent all kinds of problems. We can help you draw up a good tender design. Our expertise also includes assessing the financial and economic information in bids. For example, we can examine for you whether the costs and returns mentioned are in line with the market. If you, as a company, have to deal with tenders, the same questions may arise. Have you lost a tender, were you wrongly not put out to tender, or do you think that mistakes were made in the tendering process? Then you can also make use of our expertise. We do this research especially for (semi-) public institutions and private companies.

Does your subsidy scheme comply with the European state aid rules? Is there an economic activity? And of a general interest? Does a measure distort competition? Is there an effect on trade? For our clients, we assess compliance with the European state aid rules. We assess whether a measure is in line with the market and advise clients on how they can comply with these state aid rules. In addition, we have a great deal of experience in carrying out analyses in which the impact of state aid rules on the functioning of the market is central.