The energy sector is of significant importance to the economy, but has important social consequences as well. SEO Amsterdam Economics studies the impact of energy policy and investments in the energy sector. What is the right policy approach for the transition towards sustainable energy? What are social costs and benefits of wind energy and other types of sustainable energy technologies? We study these and other questions in the field of energy policy for a wide range of clients. Our clients include government bodies, energy companies, grid operators and environmental organisations.

Sub expertise

What is the impact of investment subsidies for sustainable energy? Are energy subsidies cost efficient? Such questions are relevant to governments and companies who aim to evaluate their past policies as input for improvement of their future performance. SEO Amsterdam Economics applies sound scientific research methods to evaluate the effectiveness and cost efficiency of energy policies and investments. In addition we have to expertise to advice clients on the design of future policies.

What is the impact of sustainable energy on welfare? SEO Amsterdam Economics has extensive expertise on the social cost-benefit analysis of energy policy and investment. We apply social costs-benefit analysis to specific energy technologies as well as to meso- and macroeconomic issues for the energy sector such as the impact on economic growth and the labour market. How should countries meet the ambitious policy goals for sustainable energy and what is the impact of these policies on welfare?