Aram Klijn

Aram is a researcher in the cluster Work & Security. At SEO Aram is currently working on the policy evaluation of education subsidies, researching the effects of new Dutch pension laws and evaluating the compliance of companies with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code.

During his bachelor and master Aram has obtained many theoretical and practical economical research skills through both his theses and applied assignments. For example, he has conducted policy evaluations and advice about proposed EU and Dutch legislative changes in the labour market, pensions market and education subsidies. He has also gained a thorough understanding about the interplay between education and the labour market, as well as the effects of mental health and discrimination on the labour market.

Aram obtained his bachelor and master Economics at Tilburg University. During his bachelor Aram has studied a semester in Taipei, Taiwan. During this semester he has broadened his economic knowledge by pursuing mainly geopolitical subjects. He has completed his master ‘with distinction’. During the master Aram has specialized in Public Policy. He wrote his master’s thesis on the effects of mental wellbeing on tertiary education choices.


+31 20 525 1630