Aram Klijn

Aram is a researcher within the Work and Social Security team. He focuses on applied economic policy research, labour market evaluations and sectoral organization research. Thematically he focusses on the transition from school to work, the transition from work to retirement and the effects of physical and mental health on labour market participation.

Aram has much experience with qualitative research methods such as interviews, literature research and surveys. He also has experience in data-driven econometric analyses in programming languages like R, Stata and Python. Furthermore he has experience writing applied economic reports, policy evaluations and policy advises.

During his bachelor and master Aram has obtained many qualitative and quantitative economic research skills. Examples of this include the design and execution of policy evaluation and advice for proposed changes in EU- and Dutch national labour market legislation. He has also conducted research on the transition between education and the labour market and the effects of mental health and discrimination on labour market outcomes.

Aram has obtained his bachelor and master of Economics at Tilburg University. During his bachelor Aram has also studied a semester in Taipei, Taiwan. During this semester he broadened his economic knowledge by studying geopolitical subjects. He has completed his master with distinction. His master thesis on the effects of mental health on study choice was awarded an 8.5.