Bert Tieben

Bert Tieben is methodologist at SEO Amsterdam Economics.

His expertise lies in energy issues such as the regulation of network companies in the energy sector and the social costs and benefits of sustainable energy. He also carries out research into market organisation issues in private and semi-public markets such as the higher education market and the provision of consultancy services on the implementation of the Competition Act.

Bert joined SEO Amsterdam Economic as a Senior Researcher in June 2008. He had previously been affiliated with the VU Amsterdam (from 1993), the Ministry of Economic Affairs Market Mechanism Directorate (from 1997) and the Social and Economic Council (SER) (from 1999). Bert wrote numerous advisory reports for the SER in a range of fields which included competition, innovation, energy policy and globalisation. He studied General Economics at the University of Groningen and was awarded a PhD in 2009, for his thesis The Concept of Equilibrium in Different Economic Traditions (VU/Tinbergen Institute).

The majority of Bert’s publications address issues on the interface between research and policy. He writes columns and articles for a range of academic journals and is a Member of the TPEdigitaal Editorial Board. He is also a lecturer in economics at the Amsterdam University College.


+31(0)20 399 1255