Demi Beernink

As of 2022 Demi is a junior researcher at SEO for the cluster Finance, Regulating and Governance. She has studies at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam where she obtained the master’s degree in Behavioural Economics.

During her studies Demi has combined the findings from economic research with other fields, mainly within psychology and social sciences. Because of this, Demi has developed a realistic approach toward tackling and understanding economic phenomena. During her studies she has also developed a profound understanding of general economics. She has, for example, experience with econometric data analyses, applied microeconomics and business economics.

For her thesis, Demi specialized in risk behaviour, in which she examined the effect of ‘deciding for others’ on the individual’s risk- and loss perception. For this, she used both quantitative and qualitative research and conducted a experiment to gather her data.

Within SEO Demi works on a variety of different projects. She is involved in policy evaluations, scenario analysis, lab experiments and more.