Florian van Leeuwen

Florian van Leeuwen has been working at the cluster financial markets since January of 2020, first as as a student assistant and since January 2022 as junior researcher. Previously he played poker professionally for a number of years. At SEO he has contributed to research into Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) costs, compliance with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code (DCGC) and reward models.

In 2021 Florian completed a bachelor Natural and Social Sciences with a specialization into Economics at the University of Amsterdam. The topic of his thesis was the borrowing behaviour of students in the Netherlands. The thesis was rewarded with the highest grade in his co-hort. Next to the part-time work at SEO, Florian is currently completing the research master Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences at the University of Utrecht. He is expected to complete this master’s degree in 2023.


020 525 1630