Iris van Eijkern

Iris van Eijkern is working as junior researcher within the Education cluster at SEO Amsterdam Economics. Before Iris started at the Education cluster, she did a four-month internship at the Global Economics cluster. During her internship at SEO, Iris mainly focused on evaluations of development programmes. During her internship and education, Iris has also gained a lot of knowledge about both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Iris is particularly interested in topics related to public sector economics, economic development and sustainability.

Iris completed her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Governance at Wageningen University & Research cum laude. This bachelor’s programme was mainly focused on sustainability and policy making. In her bachelor thesis she researched the influence of the type of political and economic institutions on the relationship between economic growth and poverty reduction. After that, Iris obtained a master’s degree in International Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In her master’s thesis, she investigated the relationship between women’s education and domestic violence in Tanzania, taking into account individual-, household- and community-level factors that can influence the risk of domestic violence.