Nard Koeman

Nard Koeman is a senior researcher at SEO Amsterdam Economics. His research expertise is in the fields of policy evaluation, innovation and the transition to a sustainable economy. Nard has extensive experience in applied economic research and policy advice.

Nard has been working in the Competition & Innovation team of SEO Amsterdam Economics since 2018. He is involved in various research projects for the Dutch government, the business community and PBO’s, usually as a project leader. He also has experience in providing education, courses for policymakers and training.

Methodological experience:
In his work Nard combines his knowledge of economic theory with the use of advanced econometric techniques (e.g. difference-in-differences, propensity score matching and instrumental variables). He has extensive experience in conducting and reporting policy research. He has also conducted surveys (e.g. vignette analyses) for several studies and regularly discusses his research with various stakeholders, to better understand the story ‘behind the numbers’ (e.g. in-depth interviews and focus groups). Finally, Nard has extensive experience in setting up analytical frameworks and monitoring research. For example, he is annually involved in, among other things, the Nederlandse Innovatie Monitor (since 2019), the Nieuwe Economie Index (since 2020), and the monitoring reports on the application of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code (since 2016).

Education and work experience:
Nard studied economics at the University of Amsterdam (2013-2016), bass guitar at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (2008-2012) and took several courses at the Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts USA (2009). He then worked for several years as a data analyst and data collection project leader at I&O Research (2016-2018) and as a research assistant at the University of Amsterdam (2015-2017). before this, Nard was working as a student assistant at SEO Amsterdam Economics.

Additional functions and interests:
In addition to his work at SEO, he holds several additional positions. For example, since 2022 he is a member of the Monitoring Committee for Music Ensembles and Choirs of the Council for Culture and plays bass guitar in the band Nana Adjoa. With this band he played on both national and international stages, including Best Kept Secret, Into the Great Wide Open and Lowlands (2022). In addition, the band has been named Volkskrant pop talent of the year (2021) and prize winner of the Zilveren Notekraker (2021). From 2023 he focuses more on epistemology.

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