Nienke Dijkstra

Nienke Dijkstra works as a researcher at SEO Economic Research within the Healthcare and Social Security cluster. After studying econometrics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, she received her PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus Medical Centre. Her PhD research focuses on data science and statistical modelling in behavioral and medical sciences.

Since October 2022, Nienke has been working at the Healthcare and Social Security cluster and is mainly engaged in quantitative analyses. In particular, Nienke works on simulation models and scenario analyses. She is currently investigating the possibilities of centralizing highly specialized care and is to trying to identify the consequences of this centralization.

In her dissertation, Nienke uses modern statistical approaches with applications in behavioral and medical sciences with the aim to generate more reliable inferences and more accurate predictions. In particular, she focused on economic behavior and cognition. In addition, she gained experience in conducting and analyzing experimental research.


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