Rodrigo Bustamente

Rodrigo Bustamante is a researcher at SEO’s Global Economics cluster. He has worked as macroeconomic analyst, program evaluator, and monitoring & evaluation specialist. Rodrigo has worked closely with a variety of organisations, including non-profits, international cooperation agencies, and private foundations. Rodrigo has extensive experience in Latin America—some countries include Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico; and he has also evaluated development programmes in Africa. Frequent themes in Rodrigo’s work include education, job training, employment, and private-sector development.

Through his work, Rodrigo has developed strong skills in mixed-methods. As part of his work, he has supported many organisations to develop their monitoring & evaluation frameworks to measure the impact of their initiatives and build a culture of evidence. He has had the opportunity to lead the design of quasi-experimental evaluations. Other strengths include data analysis and visualization.

Rodrigo studied economics at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and  a Research M.A. in economics and philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands. During his graduate studies, Rodrigo delved into the philosophical and methodological challenges of the evidence-based movement in economics, and how they can be overcome. As an avid language learner, he tries to constantly expand his ability to communicate with those around him.


020 525 1630