Sacha Pel

Sacha Pel is a researcher at SEO Amsterdam Economics. She works within the Competition, Aviation and Innovation team.

Sacha is specialized in aviation related sustainability matters, safety policy and connectivity analyses, both in national and international context. She supports her team with empiric knowledge, modeling and desk research. An example of a project Sacha has worked on is the Destination 2050 report. Furthermore, she has performed a factor analyses, concerning the safety regulations amongst the allowed weight on passenger airplanes. She has substantial experience in working with SEO’s NetScan model, including the data processing, modelling and updating that’s involved in using the model. Sacha had advised multiple public and private organizations. She’s worked on research projects for the Ministry of Infrastructure and water management, ACI Europe, the European Commission and the association of insurers.

After her Bachelor, Economics and Business, at the University of Amsterdam, she finished her Masters in Economics at the Vrije University Amsterdam, with a specialization in Global Challenges. She has gained experience in collecting and analyzing quantitative data, especially concerning topics focused on the economics of climate change and development economics. She wrote her thesis on the relationship between the deviation in rainfall, poverty and political conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa.