Siemen van der Werff

Siemen van der Werff is a labour economist and has 10 years of experience with research on the labour market. He is an expert in the field of labour market policy and micro econometrics.

At SEO, he has led many different kinds of projects. These are largely studies on the labour market with a quantitative aspect, such as research on salaries in the public industry, dismissal costs for employers, the labour market position of recent graduates, the labour market of elderly people, and transitions in the labour market. But Siemen has also led research on, for example, the effect of the museum card and of innovation grants. Siemen is very knowledgeable on available (micro)data and econometric methods, such as regression techniques, duration models, and matching.

In his research, Siemen also often uses qualitative techniques. For SEO he has interviewed various employers about the choices they make in their hiring policy, and he has spoken with the management of companies in platform economy on the terms of employment with which they work. For various studies he has furthermore spoken with social partners. Siemen has also drawn up various surveys, for instance focusing on employees and employers. In particular he has much experience with processing vignette analyses in surveys. This includes, for example, surveys which focused on the choices employers make when they have the possibility to choose from different applicants.

Siemen graduated in 2008 as Msc in Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam, and after this, he began work at SEO. In this context, Siemen also wrote his thesis at SEO, in which he analysed the choice of education programme of secondary school students. Siemen has published several articles in professional and scientific journals.


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