Thijs Boonekamp

Thijs Boonekamp is a researcher at SEO. He has approximately 5 years of experience with applied economic research in the aviation industry. Thijs is specialised in connectivity analyses, calculating prosperity effects, and conducting economic impact studies. He is familiar with the recent developments in the field of aviation, both in a national and European context.

Thijs has been involved in various national and international projects. For example, he was responsible for the economic impact analysis for the expansion of airport capacity in the United Kingdom, commissioned by the UK Airports Commission. Additionally, he has worked on studies for ACI EUROPE, IATA, Schiphol Group, the Dutch government, and the European Commission. Examples of Thijs’ research projects include the regional economic impact of airports, the effect of capacity shortage on plane ticket prices, and the effects of modernising the airspace.

At SEO, Thijs is also involved with the development of the connectivity models NetScan and NetCost, and the development of the Airport Catchment Area Database. These models are widely applied in national and international studies. Thijs’ work is published in scientific journals and encompasses subjects such as the development of a connectivity model for the air cargo industry and estimating passenger flow based on regional-economic data.

Thijs Boonekamp graduated in 2013 in Econometrics and Operation Research at the VU University of Amsterdam. His master’s thesis covered the possibilities in applying revenue management in the air freight industry. He wrote this thesis at Air Cargo Netherlands (ACN), the branch organisation of air cargo in the Netherlands, where he obtained extensive knowledge on the air cargo industry.


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