Working at SEO Amsterdam Economics

SEO Amsterdam Economics carries out independent applied economic research on behalf of national and international clients – both public institutions and private sector clients. Our research aims to make a major contribution to the decision-making processes of our clients. Originally founded by, and still affiliated with, the University of Amsterdam, SEO Amsterdam Economics is now an independent research group but retains a strong academic component. Operating on a nonprofit basis, SEO continually invests in the intellectual capital of its staff by granting them time to pursue continuing education, publish in academic journals, and participate in academic networks and conferences. As a result, our staff is fully up to date on the latest economic theories and econometric techniques.

SEO Amsterdam Economics is an informal, dynamic agency. The majority of our research is of a strong analytical nature and is concentrated in 16 research fields, namely Labour markets, Education, Aviation economics, Energy, Sustainability, Health Care, Social security and pensions, Socioeconomic inequality, Competition and regulatory economics, Innovation, Big-data science, Financial markets and Finance, Corporate governance, International Economics, Economics of Development and Cost-benefit analyses.

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The challenging economic issues, use of diverse research approaches and pleasant atmosphere make that no two days are the same in SEO.

— SEO researchers