SEO Amsterdam Economics has an Advisory Council with members from the business and scientific communities, and the government. These members can be consulted on specific research topics. They can also be asked to cast a critical eye over reports or discussion papers.


Drs. J.C.H.G. Arts

Board of Directors Flevo Hospital Almere


Prof. dr. B. Baarsma

Professor of Market Forces and Competition Issues at the University of Amsterdam, director Knowledge development Rabobank


S. Deroose

Consultant, former Deputy Director


W. Etty

Partner in Andersson Elffers Felix



Prof. dr. P. Gautier

Professor of Labour Economics, VU University Amsterdam


Dr. L. van Goor

Independent consultant Regulatory Communication, Associate Partner ICODA European Affairs, Academic Teacher Financial Law at Erasmus University, Director Benelux Opportunity Network


Prof. dr. H.L.F. de Groot

Professor in Regional Economic Dynamics, Vrije Universiteit



Prof. dr. M.W. Hofkes

Professor Environmental Economics, VU University Amsterdam


Dr. A. Italianer

Senior International Policy Advisor, Arnold & Porter – former Secretary-General European Commission


Dr. H. Keuzenkamp

Member of the Board of the Westfriesgasthuis and Professor of Insurance Economics, University of Amsterdam


Prof. dr. B. van der Klaauw

Member of Board of Directors of the Westfriesgasthuis


Mr. H. van de Kraats

Managing Director AWVN, Director Social Affairs VNO-NCW


Prof. dr. A.H. Perrels

Research Professor, effects of climate change, Finnish Meteorological Institute; senior consultant Tyrsky Consulting, Helsinki


Prof. dr. C.M. van Praag

President of the Executive Board of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Prof. dr. M.R.F. Senftleben

Director of the Institute for Information Law and professor Intellectual Property Law, Universiteit van Amsterdam


Drs. T. de Swaan

Member of the Supervisory Board of Koninklijke Ahold NV and DSM, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lanschot. Member of the Board of GlaxoSmithKLine and ZurichFinancial


Mr. I.W. VerLoren van Themaat

Partner Houthoff Buruma


Prof. dr. H.D. Webbink

Professor of Policy Evaluation, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Dr. A.H.E.M. Wellink

Member of the Supervisory Board of the Bank of China and Former President of The Nederlandsche Bank (the Dutch Central Bank)