Are you looking for customised economic courses? And do you need a thorough knowledge base in various economic topics?

SEO Economic Training offers a variety of economics courses for companies and public authorities. We also develop customised courses for a specific groups of employees in your organisation,.

Our courses are given by experienced teachers and university professors. The duration and planning of our courses can be set on a case-by-case basis in consultation with our clients. In the course descriptions we give a minimum and maximum number of sessions. The courses can be given in-company, at SEO, or at another venue of your convenience.

Please use the contact form below to discuss the possibilities. Of course you may also contact our researchers directly.


We offer the following courses

We give various courses in the field of data-driven supervision, data-driven work, and working with data experts. These courses are taught on-site and are suitable for data experts, for managers and for employees who work with data experts. The content of course depends on the wishes and needs of our customers.

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