Remco van Eijkel

Remco van Eijkel joined the Health & Social Policy cluster as a senior researcher in August 2021. He studied economics at the University of Groningen (research master Economics and Econometrics, cum laude) and received his PhD at the same university with a thesis on market behavior in energy markets, with scientific publications in Journal of Industrial Organization and Small Business Economics.

After his PhD, Remco worked at the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis  for over seven years, as a researcher and project leader. An important part of his research at CPB focused on the local provision of long-term care and youth care and on local active labor market policies. In particular, he has done research on municipal procurements of social services,  the decentralization of funding for sheltered housing and the effect of social community teams on the use of both home care and youth care. In addition, Remco examined the societal benefits of employment for people with a work disability.

In his work Remco combines his knowledge of economic theory with the use of advanced econometric techniques (e.g. difference-in-differences and instrumental variables). He has extensive experience in conducting and reporting policy research. He has also conducted surveys for several studies and regularly discusses his research with various stakeholders, in order to better understand the story ‘behind the numbers’.

If you would like to know what Remco could do for your organization, please feel free to contact him directly at:

06 43226288