Wouter Vermeulen

Wouter Vermeulen is a senior project manager at the Health and Social Security cluster as of September 1, 2020. With a strong scientific background, he has a broad experience in policy relevant empirical research on a wide range of topics.

Wouter worked in several capacities for CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis for almost twenty years. As program manager Health, he was involved in spending projections and in the costing of policy proposals. As program manager Decentral governments, he was involved in local public finance and municipal policy in the social domain. He did research into the impact of neighbourhood teams on the use of home care, decentralization of funding of sheltered housing and on the stimulative effect of an unconditional block grant on the decentralized provision of care. Interaction in the use of health care and income support was another important theme within this program. For the OECD, Wouter studied the impact of decentralised funding on inequality in education outcomes. Furthermore, he has broad expertise in the domain of urban economics and he has done work on the labour market integration of refugees.

Alongside his career at CPB, Wouter was assistant professor at VU University, where he wrote a thesis on housing supply, land use regulation and regional labour markets, and he was affiliated to the Spatial Economics Research Centre, London School of Economics. His work appeared in prominent scientific outlets, such as Economic Journal, Journal of Economic Geography, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Economica and International Tax and Public Finance.


+31 (0)20 525 1659