Erik Brouwer

Erik Brouwer is the head of the Competition, Aviation and Innovation group within SEO Economic Research. Erik has over 25 years of experience with applied economic research and advisory activities with regard to Big Data Science. Additionally, he specialises in measuring and mitigating risks, tenders, and innovations, and the measuring of customer preferences and willingness to pay for products and services for various sectors.

Erik objectifies and rationalizes clients’ choices by disentangling and isolating the main effects that affect the clients with the use of Big Data Science and economic theory. Erik is also Professor at the University of Tilburg, where he studies the relationship between innovation and competition.

Erik has led research assignments and advice plans for companies, consulting agencies, branch organisations, supervisory bodies, and (local) governments both in the Netherlands and abroad, and he has experience with applied economic research and consultancy. He specialises in applying quantitative methods by making use of Big Data Science. Erik objectifies and rationalises the choices available to his clients by disentangling and isolating the most important effects. In this manner, companies can test and determine their strategies. Furthermore, he has systemically explored new markets for various clients and determined the price of (new) services and products, taking into account the preferences of consumers and competitors.

Erik studied Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam. From 1990 to 1999, he also worked for SEO Economic Research. As an SEO employee, he obtained his doctorate from the Amsterdam University in 1997, with his dissertation “Into Innovation: determinants and indicators”. From 1999-2001, he worked for Dialogic as an Innovation Expert. From 2001 to 2012, he worked at PwC, acting as Director Deals as Big Data Scientist and Pricing Expert, among others.

He was employed in the private sector from 2012 to 2017, working as director of Risk Management at LeasePlan. He was responsible for asset and credit risk and for determining the cost price of LeasePlan’s products and services. Since 2017, Erik is once again working at SEO Economic Research as group head of Big Data Science.

In addition to his work with SEO, Erik is also a member of the Tilburg Law and Economic Center (Tilec), affiliated with the University of Tilburg. Furthermore, Erik is a member of the ACM Academic Council.

Erik is regularly published in scientific and professional journals on innovation, competition, media, and pricing questions.


+31 (0)6 5131 7003