Debbie Keijser

Debbie Keijser is a researcher at SEO’s Global Economics cluster. She specialises in applied macroeconomics, international trade, and evaluations of economic development programmes.

Her experience with the latter focuses on inclusive private sector development; capacity development for micro, small and medium enterprises; and agricultural value chains in developing countries. She contributed to evaluations of FMO-MASSIF and its capacity development fund, B-CD (2020), and 2SCALE (‘Toward Sustainable Clusters in Agribusiness through Learning and Entrepreneurship’). In addition, Debbie frequently contributes to the development of M&E frameworks , including the design of Theories of Change, SMART indicators, and monitoring tools.

In her work at SEO, Debbie implements both quantitative and qualitative research methods. The first include economic data analysis, portfolio reviews and survey data analysis.  With regards to qualitative methods, she has experience implementing contribution analysis, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, and structured surveys.

Before joining SEO, Debbie worked as a consultant at First Consulting. During her master’s in International Economics at the University of Amsterdam, she researched the effect of the composition of development aid on the tax revenue of recipient countries. In addition to her background in economics, Debbie has a strong affinity with languages: she speaks English, Spanish, and French. Additionally, she studied Mandarin Chinese in Beijing.

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