Gerben de Jong

Gerben de Jong holds a doctorate in (business) economics and is up-to-date with the latest scientific insights in the areas of economics and management. At SEO he uses this knowledge to analyse complex economic issues and translate them into directly applicable insights for clients in the public and private sector.

His expertise lies in the fields of competition economics, regulation, innovation and sustainability. In this broad area, he conducts policy evaluations for a variety of Dutch ministries and other (international) governmental bodies, is involved in analysing competition cases for regulators and law firms and monitors the state of innovation and the business climate in the Netherlands.

Gerben is an expert in combining advanced econometric models with applied economic theory. He has extensive experience in working with large (micro)datasets such as those available at Statistics Netherlands (CBS), as well as with analysing novel data collected by means of, among others, (dynamic) questionnaires, controlled experiments and web scraping.

In addition to his work at SEO, Gerben is affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His academic research focusses on improving the industrial organisation of aviation markets taking into account the behaviour of travellers and airlines and the often (conflicting) economic, ecological and social interests.

He obtained his PhD in 2019 and won a prestigious NWO Rubicon grant for his academic work in 2020. This allowed him to spent a period of 18 months at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – a leading institute in the field of economics. Since early 2023, he is back in the Netherlands to apply the acquired knowledge in (policy) research again.

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