Daniël van Vuuren

Daniël van Vuuren is head of the group Social Security at SEO Amsterdam Economics. He is also a professor of Social Security and Economics at Tilburg University. Daniël has 25 years of experience in applied economic research, with an emphasis on social security, the labour market, and pensions.

Before joining SEO, Daniël worked primarily at the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, amongst others as head of the sectors Public Finance (2018-2019) and Labor, Education and Pensions (2014-2017) and as head of the Social Security unit (2008-2013). At CPB he was responsible for, among other things, macroeconomic forecasts, ex ante policy evaluations at the request of ministries and parliament and many studies. He conducted his own research into subjects such as early retirement, hidden unemployment in disability insurance, self-employment, part-time pension, and the Generation Pact.

Daniël studied econometrics at the VU University Amsterdam (1993-1997) and obtained his PhD at the same university (1998-2002) with a thesis on the pricing of passenger rail transport.

In addition to his work at SEO and Tilburg University, Daniël also is a board member of the KVS (Royal Society for Economics), fellow of Netspar and editor of the scientific journal Work, Ageing, and Retirement.


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