Christiaan Behrens

Christiaan Behrens is senior project leader at SEO Amsterdam Economics and is specialised in competition economics. He graduated as a transport economist and has over ten years of experience in quantitative and qualitative research in the areas of competition economics, marketing, and consumer behaviour. Christiaan uses this experience at SEO to analyse a variety of economic questions, such as the definition of the relevant market, quantifying market power and abuse thereof, and the quantification of economic damage. He is affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit as assistant professor and teaches in microeconomics, public sector economics, and transport economics.

Christiaan is an experienced project leader in the Competition & Innovation team of SEO and is responsible for several large-scale competition studies. Examples include determining economic damage due to the abuse of market power and identifying the economic consequences of tenders in various sectors. His research often involves innovative markets, products, or services, such as the platform economy.

He regularly publishes in scientific journals and professional literature on transport economics, with a focus on aviation topics. For example, he has published papers on the relevant market for airports in Europe, competition between high-speed trains and airlines, and the effect of (national) loyalty on competition in the aviation industry.

In his dissertation – written at the department of Spatial Economics at the Vrije Universiteit – he studies the relationship between competition, marketing, and consumer behaviour in the transport sector. He is specialised in analysing and quantifying the competition in imperfect markets using various advanced econometric tools. Loyalty programs are an important focus in his current research.

Christiaan joined SEO Amsterdam Economics in early 2017. As a researcher and project leader he has been working for a wide range of clients, such as the national government, municipalities, semi-public organizations, law firms, SMEs, and large multinationals.