Digitally Binding

Publication number: 2011-55
Authors: J. Poort, I. Akker, N. Van Eijk, B. van der Sloot, P. Rutten 
Commissioned by: Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Published by: SEO Economic Research
ISBN: 978-90-6733-619-2

Since 2005 the Netherlands has had resale price maintenance for Dutch and Frisian-language printed books. Publishers are required to set a resale price for new books that all sellers must comply with. The fixed price applies for an unspecified period, but after six months the publisher may change it, and after a year he may decide to remove it. In this way the Wet op de vaste boekenprijs (Resale Price Maintenance (Books) Act) aims to contribute to a broad range of titles, wide availability of books and public participation (in terms of purchasing and reading behaviour).The advent of the e-book raises the question of whether it would be possible and desirable to introduce resale price maintenance for e-books as well. This report examines the feasibility, enforceability and functionality of fixed prices for e-books.

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