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International Best Practices in Social Security Systems

This research includes six case studies that provide inspiration and lessons for social security policies in the Netherlands and other countries. Each case study reveals trade-offs between efficiency, effectiveness, and feasibility.

Social Security and Pensions



Evaluation of the AGRI3 Fund

The Inclusive Green Growth department (IGG) of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) commissioned SEO Amsterdam Economics to provide evaluation and monitoring support for the AGRI3 Fund. The evaluation team found that the fund's approach and instruments were relevant but identified a need for increased risk-taking and enhanced use of TA to fully realise its ambitious goals for sustainable agriculture and rural development.

International Economics Development Cooperation Sustainability and climate Finance



Evaluation of the Private Seed Sector Development (PSSD) programme in Burundi

SEO and MDF were commissioned by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Burundi to assess the impact of its Private Seed Sector Development (PSSD) programme. The primary goal of the programme was to elevate and transform the private seed value chain in Burundi, ensuring that farmers gain improved access to high-quality, certified seeds, thereby significantly enhancing their productivity and incomes.



External Evaluation of the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development

At the request of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), SEO conducted an external evaluation of the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD), in cooperation with our partner MDF.



Schiphol Amsterdam Airport: fewer flights or becoming more sustainable?

Environmental & noise measures, including a higher air passenger tax, are much better for the broad welfare than shrinking Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Both options reduce emissions and noise, but the effects on emissions are larger in the environment & noise variant. These positive effects outweigh the direct costs for Dutch air passengers, airlines and Royal Schiphol Group.



The social contribution of family businesses in the Netherlands

Family businesses think in generations and strive for continuity, which leads to positive social outcomes.



Strategic board decision-making. A pilot classroom experiment in executive compensation

Pay incentives affect group strategy discussions and decisions. Using a pilot classroom experiment with MBA students, we find that boards change their strategies based on incentives.



Evaluation IFC’s Women in Work Program

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) commissioned SEO Amsterdam Economics (SEO) and the Kandy Consulting Group (KCG) to conduct an impact evaluation of its Women in Work (WiW) program in Sri Lanka. The evaluation showed that the program was relevant and effective and contributed to creating change towards gender equality at the level of individuals, firms, as well as at public institutions.

Development Cooperation Inequality

2023-104A + 2023-104B


Labor and social security in Sint Maarten

Labor and social security reforms in Sint Maarten: a balanced feasible and sustainable approach



Social security in Sint Maarten

Social security in Sint Maarten: towards a strengthened system