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Schiphol Amsterdam Airport: fewer flights or becoming more sustainable?

Environmental & noise measures, including a higher air passenger tax, are much better for the broad welfare than shrinking Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Both options reduce emissions and noise, but the effects on emissions are larger in the environment & noise variant. These positive effects outweigh the direct costs for Dutch air passengers, airlines and Royal Schiphol Group.



The Price of Net Zero

Flying NetZero-CO2 by 2050 increases aviation sector expenditures by €820 million in sustainable aviation fuels, operations, air traffic management, new technologies and planes.



Up in the air

In this research report, SEO Amsterdam Economics forecasts the changes in prices, demand, carbon emission and leakage for flights leaving the EEA due to the EU ETS scope expansion. There is an additional increase in ticket prices and a further shift of passengers to competing non-EEA hub airports in close proximity predicted. The proposed EU ETS update lowers aviation CO2 emissions but intensifies competitive distortion and carbon leakage.



The price of fit for 55

The EU Commissions’ Fit for 55 legislative package includes a number of proposed measures that aim to make the aviation sector more sustainable and reduce aviation emissions. By modelling these measures within the NetCost model, we can evaluate the accompanying cost increase.



The impact of drones on society

SEO Amsterdam Economics, Decisio and To70 conducted an exploratory study on the potential social and economic value of the Dutch drone market.



Aviation Fit for 55

The costs of Fit for 55 policies make European air travel more expensive. As a result, we find reduced demand within the EEA and a shift to competing non-EEA airports. Associated carbon leakage reduces the overall CO2 emission savings.



Study on the economic developments of the EU Air Transport Market

SEO Amsterdam Economics and EGIS conducted a study for the European Commission on the economic developments of the EU Aviation Market, serving as a supporting document of the new Aviation Policy pursued in the European Union. Market developments showed a viable economic landscape for European aviation before the pandemic. Over the following years, the developments of the aviation industry will mainly be impacted by the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and environmental considerations.



Benchmark of airport charges and taxes 2020

Comparison of the price levels of 13 large airports in Europe and the Middle East.



Monitor network quality and state guarantees 2009-2020

The corona crisis has led to a strong contraction of Schiphol’s route network. Compared to the competition, Schiphol performed the least poorly: competitors such as Frankfurt and Paris Charles de Gaulle experienced an even further decline in the number of flights. The Monitor network quality and state guarantees provides insight into the developments of the Dutch aviation network in a dire year for the aviation sector.



Destination 2050 – A route to net zero European Aviation

Research by SEO and NLR shows that the European aviation industry can reach net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.