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Independent assessment of the AGRI3 Fund proposal

At the request of the Inclusive Green Growth Department (IGG) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), SEO has conducted an independent assessment of the request for funding related to the AGRI3 Fund Grant Proposal

Sustainability Cost-benefit analysis Global economics Economics of development



Evaluation Develop2Build (D2B) programme

D2B supports governments in developing countries with developing public infrastructure project proposals. SEO evaluated and advised on D2B’s programme design with regard to its additionality, development relevance, and relevance for the Dutch economy.

Economics of development Global economics

Independent Evaluation of the FDOV Project “Pro Poor Potato”

Lessons learned from the ‘Pro Poor Potato’ project in Vietnam. Introduction of Dutch potato cultivars and cultivation practices in Vietnam

Global economics Economics of development



Evaluation of the “Flying Food” Project in Kenya: Can a Cricket Value Chain Fly?

The innovative development project 'Flying Food' has aimed to establish a sustainable cricket value chain in Kenya and Uganda. Despite various positive achievements, this goal was not (yet) reached.

Economics of development Sustainability Global economics



Dutch labour market shortages and potential labour supply from Africa and the Middle East: is there a match?

The Netherlands and many other EU countries increasingly face labour market shortages, while around one third of young people in countries near Europe are unemployed. Is there a potential match between demand and supply?

Global economics Labour market Economics of development



Endline Evaluation of the Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA), 2014-2016

This endline evaluation assesses the effectiveness, relevance, efficiency, and financial sustainability of the Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA) programme supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands during 2014-2016. The key findings and lessons learned are summarised.

Global economics Sustainability Economics of development



Impact of the EU-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement on the Dutch Economy

The free trade agreement between the EU and Ukraine is predicted to have a positive effect on trade between the Netherlands and Ukraine. The predicted impact on the overall Dutch economy is positive but small.

Global economics Financial markets



Dutch Export Opportunities in Asia: Is the Netherlands Lagging Behind?

This study identifies the comparative advantages of the Dutch export sectors.

Global economics Financial markets


Discussion paper

Determinants of Dutch Export Destinations: The Role of Experience and Spillover Effects

This paper reports evidence of positive experience and spillover effects in the export destinations of Dutch firms over the period 2009-2014.

Global economics



Impact of Six EU Free Trade Agreements on the Dutch Economy

The European Union is considering six new Free Trade Agreements. The impact of these on the Dutch economy is positive but small. If all six envisaged FTAs take effect simultaneously, Dutch real GDP grows by 0.5 percent.

Global economics Financial markets