ACI EUROPE – in partnership with SEO Amsterdam Economics – released its Airport Industry Connectivity Report 2017 provides a comprehensive measurement and analysis of the way Europe’s air connectivity has evolved over the past 10 years.

Using the SEO NetScan connectivity model, the report provides indexes for direct, indirect and hub connectivity based on both quantitative and qualitative metrics. The airport connectivity index is made-up of both direct and indirect weekly frequencies, weighted by their quality. This means that this is not simply a measure of how many city pairs there are, or how many direct services there are. For the purposes of this report, connectivity is a composite measure of the number of destinations, the frequency of services and the quality of the connections (in the case of hubbing or indirect services).

This latest edition of the report is remarkable for its categorisation of airline business models and for the very first time, of the contribution that the 3 biggest Middle Eastern Airlines (the MEB3 – Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways) and Turkish Airlines have made to air connectivity in Europe.