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Joost Witteman

Joost Witteman is a researcher and data scientist at SEO. His focus areas include financial markets and financing, and he specialises in quantitative research methods – including the newest machine learning techniques.

Within these fields, Joost works for a broad range of clients. For instance, he researched how the capital of Dutch households can be better divided across their course of life for the Dutch Banking Association; on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he calculated the implications of a number of future trade agreements; and for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, he evaluated the effects of a number of tax schemes for entrepreneurs.

Additionally, Joost regularly works on confidential, often quantitative (big data) analyses for companies, trade organisations, and governments.

Joost studied history and economics at the University of Amsterdam. During his master’s degree in economics, he specialized in monetary policy, banking, and regulation. He wrote his thesis on estimating state-of-the-art structural macro-economic models.


If you would like to know what Joost could do for your organisation, please feel free to contact him directly at:
+31 (0)20 525 1657

SEO reports

21.11.2018Balance sheets, income and expenditure of special financial institutions (SFIs)

The Dutch government wants to introduce a withholding tax on outgoing interest and royalty flows to low-tax jurisdictions in order to combat tax avoidance. Which part of these payments is affected by this withholding tax?more

22.05.2018The Role of Investment Hubs in FDI, Economic Development and Trade

SEO Amsterdam Economics has studied the role of investment hubs in global FDI and the importance of FDI for international trade and economic development.more

18.05.2017Evalution fiscal entrepreneurship

In the Netherlands there are several fiscal policies with as their primary goal to stimulate entrepreneurship. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has commissioned SEO Amsterdam Economics to analyze the effectiveness and efficiency...more

20.02.2017Impact of the EU-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement on the Dutch Economy

The free trade agreement between the EU and Ukraine is predicted to have a positive effect on trade between the Netherlands and Ukraine. The predicted impact on the overall Dutch economy is positive but small.more

09.02.2017Impact of Six EU Free Trade Agreements on the Dutch Economy

The European Union is considering six new Free Trade Agreements. The impact of these on the Dutch economy is positive but small. If all six envisaged FTAs take effect simultaneously, Dutch real GDP grows by 0.5 percent.more

24.01.2017The value of national commercial radio licences: renewal 2017

The value of Dutch national commercial radio licences in case of renewal from 1 September 2017 to 1 September 2022 was determined to be €8.484 million in total (before tax).more

23.12.2016Compliance with Corporate Governance Code

This study measures compliance with the principles and best practice provisions of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code in the fiscal year 2015. At 97 percent, overall compliance was high.more

10.03.2016Quick Scan Reserve price DVB-T

Based on a Quick Scan, SEO/IViR recommends to maximally set a low but non-trivial reserve price of e.g. € 1 million for the auction of the DVB-T license.more

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