Discussion papers

10.05.2017The optimal regulatory framework for the EU gas market

This paper discusses how to determine the optimal regulatory framework for the EU natural gas market and what such a framework would look like.more

18.01.2017Market stimulation of new airline routes

Introduction of new air service often leads to a strong increase in passengers travelling on this route. This paper provides empirical estimates for the level of this “market stimulation”. more

31.12.2016Fare differences between Gulf carriers and incumbents

In this paper we investigated whether the incumbent carriers are still able to compete with the Gulf carriers on price. more

31.12.2016Determinants of Dutch Export Destinations: The Role of Experience and Spillover Effects

This paper reports evidence of positive experience and spillover effects in the export destinations of Dutch firms over the period 2009-2014.more

10.04.2015Network quality and catchment area analysis in the air cargo industry

In this paper an airport connectivity model for air freight is derived. more

12.08.2014Demography and Growth

The past trends in (global) income inequality are well documented. But what trends can be expected in the future? This paper develops several global growth scenarios in order to project income inequality in the next four decades.more

21.01.2013Development of public-private wage differential in the Netherlands 1979 - 2009

This discussion paper documents in much detail the long-run evolution of the wage gap between the private and the public sector in the Netherlands. more

23.01.2013Job Search Requirements for Older Unemployed: Transitions to Employment, Early Retirement and Disability Benefits

This paper shows how changes in search requirements for the older unemployed affect their transition rates to employment.more

30.10.2012Innovation policy for directing technical change in the power sector

This paper discusses policy instruments for redirecting technical change within the electricity sector to mitigate climate change.more

08.12.2011Will ageing lead to a higher real exchange rate for the Netherlands?

This CPB discussion paper explores the ageing effects on Dutch real exchange rates using the 'two country, four commodity framework' developed by Obstfeld and Rogoff. more

18.05.2011Rewriting competition law from an economic perspective

This paper discusses the goal of EU competition law and argues that competition law should be rewritten to better ensure welfare protection.more

12.11.2011Career development after cartel prosecution

Career development of managers after a cartel prosecution by the NMa is examined. This paper concludes that cartel involved managers face negative career effects after the prosecution of the cartel.more

25.03.2011Are less government support and more competition a threat to diversity in the supply of arts?

This paper shows that competition is good for the arts, but that a reduction in government support is a threat to diversity in the supply of arts. more

20.03.2011La maladie imaginaire

This paper examines to what extent businesses in the art sector suffer from Baumol's disease. Conclusion: the disease is largly nonexistent. more

31.01.2011The effect of announced statutory retirement age change on retirement plans of starters on the Dutch labour market

In this paper, we consider the effect of the 2009 plans of the Dutch government to increase the statutory retirement age to 67 (from 65) on the preferred retirement age of starters on the Dutch labour market.more

10.08.2010Bread or games

A social cost-benefit analysis of the World Cup in the Netherlands.more

15.03.2009Drivers of participation. Facts, figures & policy issues affecting the labor market

An examination of the current European labour market, in relation to the economic crisis and the Lisbon targets.more

22.11.2007An econometric analysis of tourism inflow in Curaçao: can Tourism Price Indices help us out

In theory, prices are an important factor in explaining tourism demand. Empirically however, the role of price is not so evident.more

15.05.2006Touristika: Tourism Impact Analysis in the abscence of a TSA

This paper shows the relevant details of an econometric model for the small island tourism economy of Curacao called ‘Turistika’. more

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