The market for independent TV productions is a dynamic one. Due to the new strategy plan of the public service broadcasters (the so-called ‘concessiebeleidsplan’) and the bill introduced by the State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science, the current situation is so dynamic that hectic would be an appropriate term. How does the strategy plan affect the independent TV producers and how important are the public service broadcasters to them? The Dutch Trade Association of Independent Television Producers (OTP) asked SEO to investigate this matter.

The strategy plan of the public service broadcasters is creating a lot of uncertainty. The plan suggests that broadcasters want to produce more programmes on their own. This will affect creative competition, which could be disadvantageous to the viewer. The plan also indicates that broadcasters are aiming to take hold of a larger share of the operating revenues. This would weaken the position of independent television producers as well.

A web survey amongst the OTP members shows that the economic importance is great. More than half of the television series are produced by commission of or in collaboration with public service broadcasters. This corresponds to approximately 40 percent of the producers’ net turnover. The 23 producers that completed the entire survey provide employment equal to more than 1600 full-time jobs. In 2014, 40 percent of these employees and freelancers worked primarily for public service broadcasters. In 2015, this figure has dropped to about one third.