This report evaluates microfinance via Qredits. Qredits offers, with government support, lending and coaching facilities to (starting) entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises. The primary objective of this evaluation, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is: “to gain an understanding as to what extent microfinance via Qredits has removed the barriers that (prospective) entrepreneurs encounter when it comes to obtaining capital and acquiring entrepreneurial skills and thus has contributed to the quality and/or growth of small entrepreneurship.” This objective has been translated into seven hypotheses about removing barriers, the quantitative and qualitative contribution of Qredits to entrepreneurship, awareness of Qredits and customer satisfaction, and coaching.

The evaluation shows that Qredits has developed into a professional lender to small businesses. These credits are effective: Qredits serves companies that seem risky but ultimately turn out to be successful. For the further development of Qredits, raising awareness of Qredits can play an important role; it is important to know to what extent it concerns additional loans compared to regular (bank) loans; and the relationship between the goals and activities of Qredits can be defined more clearly.