Facilities for children are fragmented at present, with day care, nurseries, preschool and early-school programmes, host parents and primary schools, each with its own funding and organization. The aim of the Kies nu voor Kinderen (Support Children Now) programme is to provide better, more integrated facilities for children and their parents. It also aims to increase access to child care and improve the transition from day care to school.

The instigators of the Kies nu voor Kinderen programme (the Kinderopvangfonds (Child Care Fund) and the Bernard van Leer Foundation) asked SEO Economic Research to calculate the value of the programme to society. The conclusions are as follows:

  • On balance the Kies nu voor Kinderen programme yields an estimated 248 million euros a year, not including the effects on children.
  • The benefits of the Kies nu voor Kinderen programme are felt by parents, who benefit from the reduction in the parent contribution and the availability of child care to non-working parents.
  • For the government the programme is budget-neutral.