Adam Kuczynski

Adam Kuczynski is a PhD Economist and researcher at SEO. He applies his skills and expertise to find pragmatic answers and solutions to a wide variety of questions, for both the public and the private sector. 

Adam joined SEO in 2022, and works at the division Finance, Regulation and Governance. His activities include developing policy evaluations, quickscans, strategic monitors and performing valuations. He enjoys working on empirical analyses, and often makes use of the latest, most sophisticated econometric models and techniques. Next to his work as a researcher, Adam is an enthusiastic full-stack developer, and a skilled data scientist. Herein, he has a keen interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Before joining SEO, Adam completed a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a research master degree in Economics at the University of Maastricht and the National University of Singapore. For both degrees, he graduated with distinction. Following these studies, he enrolled in a PhD programme at Maastricht University. The PhD programme also included a brief research visit at the City University of Hong Kong. His PhD research focused on the relationship between economic crises and political turmoil, on the developments of income inequality and income redistribution and on the macroeconomic consequences of financial liberalisation.