Henri Bussink

Henri Bussink is a senior researcher in the field of education and the labor market issues and the intersection between them. His expertise lies primarily in conducting applied economic (policy) research.

Since 2018, Henri has been working at SEO Amsterdam Economics within the Labor cluster. In recent years, he has contributed to a wide range of projects (both as a researcher and as a project manager) for various clients (including several ministries, sector and employer organizations, and the European Commission). His main research areas include the link between education and the labor market, (international) labor mobility, sustainable employability, lifelong development and social security.

Henri is knowledgeable in and experienced with quantitative research methods for evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of policies (monitoring and policy evaluations). Additionally, he has experience with analyzing administrative microdata from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and collecting and analyzing survey data. He also has experience mapping the financial consequences of policy (forecasts), potential behavioral effects of policy (vignette analyses) and the social value of policy (social cost-benefit analyses). He also regularly uses qualitative research methods, such as literature and synthesis studies (including policy reviews), in-depth interviews, and focus groups.

In 2018, Henri obtained master’s degrees in Policy Economics and International Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. During these master’s programs, he specialized in micro-econometric analyses and policy evaluations. He also pursued specializations in public finances, international financial markets, and quantitative macroeconomics. He maintains and develops this knowledge by regularly taking courses, including via Tinbergen Institute, in addition to his work. He also continues to develop his skills in project management and project leadership.

Finally, Henri regularly publishes about his research in various professional and scientific journals, such as Economisch Statistische Berichten, Didactief, Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken, De Economist, and Economic Modelling.