Koen van der Ven


Koen van der Ven is an all-round researcher on educational issues. His expertise lies mainly in empirical evaluations, using micro-econometric techniques and administrative datasets.

Within the Education cluster, Koen strengthens the research team with his knowledge of econometric and statistical research methods such as fixed effects models, regression discontinuity design, instrumental variables, and difference-in-differences models. He has experience in working with large administrative microdata files from CBS (Statistics Netherlands). Additionally, he frequently develops, programs, and analyzes surveys and enjoys engaging with stakeholders to enrich his research. He is skilled in managing multidisciplinary teams and enjoys leading a research project.

Topics that Koen primarily focuses on include the transition from education to the labor market, equal opportunities in education, and macro-efficiency. He is knowledgeable about all education sectors, from primary education to academic education. Recent research revolves around newcomers (such as Ukrainian refugees) in education, the (challenging) transition to the labor market for vocational education students with a migration background, the teacher shortage, and the impact of COVID-19 on young people. He also conducts research in other areas, such as cultural topics (evaluation of the Museumkaart) and labor market issues.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam cum laude, Koen completed the Master’s degree in Policy Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In October 2017, he defended his master thesis titled “The long-term effects of early tracking” which is about the long-term effects of the transition from primary to secondary school. He wrote this thesis at the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB), where he also worked before joining SEO.

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