Marilou Vlaanderen

Marilou Vlaanderen is an economic researcher and part of the Finance and Financial markets team. Before joining SEO, she held a position as a quantitative researcher at APE Public Economics in The Hague. In her job as a researcher, she often combines qualitative and quantitative methods. As such, she strives for answers that help people make informed decisions, help understand what works in practice, and provide insights on lessons learned from the past. In short, answers that enable decisions to effectively bring about change.

Marilou has extensive experience carrying out impact evaluations and market analyses. She applies these skills to complex and challenging issues, including recent research on the nature and size of the illegal trust sector in the Netherlands (Ministry of Finance), the social performance analysis of Qredits (Qredits Microfinance) and the cost-benefit analysis of the usage of aliases within the Dutch payment infrastructure (DNB). Marilou applies advanced econometric models and techniques, uses CBS Microdata, designs surveys, conducts interviews, organizes workshops and expert sessions, reaches out and acts as a point of contact for client and stakeholders. She as well conducts scientific research, including the development of a Nowcasting instrument to improve insight into the current state of the economy in times of crises.

Marilou obtained her bachelor’s degree in Economics from Tilburg University and her master’s degree in Economic Development and Growth from Carlos III de Madrid University. She continued her master’s thesis research through an internship at an entrepreneurship institute in Mexico and in collaboration with the regional government.

If you would like to know what Marilou could do for your organisation, please feel free to contact her directly at:

+31 (0)20 525 1669