Nils Verheuvel

Nils Verheuvel is a senior researcher in the Finance, Regulation & Governance cluster. He conducts research on the housing market, (corporate) governance, financial supervision, and financial markets. Nils has been working at SEO Amsterdam Economics since 2018.

Nils is an all-round researcher. His expertise lies in sharp quantitative analysis, experimental research, and surveys. He is also skilled in thorough desk research, literature studies, and interviews. Nils has worked at SEO on several studies mapping economic behavior in different markets. His research focuses on the housing market, financial supervision, lending, and on remuneration levels and structure and incentive effects of remuneration packages for top executives. He has also conducted research on the Corporate Governance Code and governance in the pension and healthcare sectors. In addition, he has evaluated government policy and organisations, such as the Kifid.

Nils graduated cum laude from Erasmus University Rotterdam for his bachelor’s and his two master’s degrees: International Economics and Policy Economics. In his academic research, Nils focuses on the interaction between financial markets and the real economy, specifically the relationship between trade finance and international trade. He has published a scientific article on innovative quantitative methods, such as the synthetic control method, in De Economist.

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