Stef Konijn

Stef Konijn is a policy economist and researcher on issues concerning competition and innovation. He primarily conducts quantitative research on social issues and related policies. Stef is active in both a broad range of fields (from sustainability to regional development and from national security to aviation) and for a diverse group of clients. In the past, he has also worked in the fields of pensions, mortgages and education.

At SEO, Stef’s involvement includes public policy evaluations, economic quantifications, and trend and market analyses. He analyses market regulation issues, such as demonstrating market power and abuse thereof and quantifying the economic damage. He also conducts research within fields such as sustainability (‘broad welfare’), innovation, regional development, and aviation. He is, for example, a researcher on the Dutch Innovation Monitor (Nederlandse Innovatie Monitor) and the New Economy Index (Nieuwe Economie-index, NEx), both annually published. He also conducts various market analyses, such as on the future of Dutch retail and on the investing parties behind the energy transition. Stef also has extensive experience with scenario analyses on various topics, such as national security. Finally, he is involved in numerous impact studies, in which the effects of investment plans, policy proposals or of a complete individual company are economically quantified.

Stef completed the Economics master’s with the specialisation Public Policy cum laude at the University of Amsterdam. For his graduation, he wrote the thesis ‘The Non-Take-Up of Means-Tested Benefits: An Empirical Policy Evaluation of Dutch Student Finance’ on the extent and possible explanations of the non-take-up of the need-based supplementary student grant. The thesis was written and published at the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis. Stef also worked within the pension and mortgage sector. There, he was particularly involved in scenario analyses and responsible investments. During his studies, he also taught fellow students at university.

Stef has been working at SEO Amsterdam Economics since 2020. He works as a researcher for a wide range of clients such as the Dutch government, municipalities and provinces as well as law firms, NGOs and large multinationals.

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