Tyas Prevoo

Tyas Prevoo is a senior researcher in the Education-group at SEO. With a background in economics (PhD), Tyas has over ten years of experience as researcher, policy advisor and writer in the domain of education.

After completing his master studies in behavioural economics at Maastricht University he worked on various research projects related to the importance of human capital development (both cognitive and non-cognitive skills), both at Maastricht University and the University of Chicago. These projects – combining both quantitative and qualitative research techniques – culminated in his dissertation The relevance, variability, and malleability of personality traits.

The following years Tyas worked as project manager for the Educational Agenda Limburg (Maastricht University), a cooperation between all educational institutions in the southern province of the Netherlands to strengthen the quality of education in the region. He was responsible for the development of questionnaires for teachers, parents, and pupils of all primary schools in the region, as well as the collection and analysis of the resulting data, combined with longitudinal administrative data on individual students’ test scores.

The four years preceding his work at SEO, Tyas worked as senior policy advisor for the Education Council of the Netherlands. As project manager and policy advisor he was involved in the realisation of national policy reports, advising the Dutch parliament and Ministry of Education on various topics, such as the financing of education, (compulsory) teaching time, educational services provided to schools, and teacher policy.