Since 2003, pension funds in Europe are allowed to administer cross-border pension schemes. Pension institutions from another EU member state can administer Dutch pension schemes. Conversely, Dutch pension institutions can administer pension schemes of foreign employers. Members of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands have repeatedly expressed concern that Dutch companies accommodate their pension schemes abroad, but that there is little interest in accommodating foreign pensions in the Netherlands. In response to these concerns, the State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment promised a study into the precise scope and experienced sense of urgency with regard to cross-border services.

The study shows that 19 Dutch pension schemes with approximately 10,400 employees are currently being administered abroad, mainly in Belgium. Consultants expect that another 10 multinational companies will move their pension administration abroad. No Dutch pension institution is currently administering a foreign pension scheme. It is expected that also in the future no benefit schemes will be moving from a foreign country to the Netherlands.