SEO conducts research on the effects of social security policies, the costs and benefits of policy options, and the organisation of social security.

We conduct comparative international research and draw lessons from the academic literature in the field of social security. Our specialisation lies in analysing microdata concerning social security usage, household income positions, and labour market dynamics. We employ qualitative as well as quantitative research methods, and we regularly conduct international comparisons, leveraging our deep knowledge of economics and institutions to create added value. In our research, we frequently collaborate with universities and other knowledge partners. We apply our econometric expertise in impact assessments and in calculating municipal assistance budgets using the assistance allocation model. Our clients include government ministries, municipalities, the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), the Association of Insurers (Verbond voor Verzekeraars), and the Goldschmeding Foundation.


What are the costs and benefits of pension policies?

We measure the costs and benefits of pension policies and analyse the functioning of pension markets. We specialise in the analysis of microdata and conduct both qualitative and quantitative research, leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of pension and social security institutions. We frequently collaborate with universities and other research partners. We evaluate policies such as increasing the retirement age or promoting healthy lifestyles. We also assess the functioning of pension markets and analyse the transition phase to a new pension system. Our clients include national governments (including the Caribbean countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands), pension funds, insurance companies, and financial market authorities.