You may contact us for independent research, clear conclusions and useful advice in the field of innovation and competition. In our approach we combine a scientific approach with goal-oriented and practical analyses and solutions which we substantiate quantitatively as much as possible.

Fair competition is important for a healthy, sustainable and innovative economy. At SEO we have extensive experience with research into the functioning of markets. The topics vary, but have in common that the relationships between and interests of the various stakeholders are complex and lead to a challenging issue. Lotteries, postal services, online platforms, real estate, learning materials, journalism, transport and telecom are examples of sectors and markets that we recently analysed.

Just as competition is the driving force behind innovation, so is innovation the engine of economic growth. We have years of experience in researching the interplay between competition and innovation and measuring the innovativeness of companies and sectors. Innovation often goes hand in hand with positive spillovers to individuals, businesses and society as a whole. Government stimulation of innovation efforts is therefore obvious. With our knowledge, expertise and research methods, we demonstrate the influence of policy on innovation (policy evaluation), how the effectiveness of policy can be increased (policy advice) and how the benefits outweigh the costs (cost-benefit analysis).

SEO has long been active in the field of empirical innovation research. SEO is, for example, the founder of the Community Innovation Survey (CIS), which is now carried out biannually worldwide by numerous national statistical offices. SEO has also carried out various policy evaluations.