Innovation is the source of productivity growth and therefore the future earnings capacity of the economy

SEO provides advisory services for, and conducts evaluations of, enterprise development programmes, fiscal innovation incentives, business incubators, and other innovation programmes. We also conduct the annual monitoring of hundreds of companies through the Dutch Innovation Monitor, one of the largest-scale studies on the innovation and entrepreneurship capacity of Dutch businesses. We also assist companies in measuring customer preferences and willingness to pay for (future) market introductions and assess the economic effects of their innovations.


What is the impact of public policy on innovation?

Innovation often comes with positive spillovers to individuals, households, businesses, and society as a whole. Government stimulation of innovative efforts is therefore logical. With our knowledge, expertise, and research methodologies, we conduct policy evaluations to assess the impact of innovation policies; how the effectiveness of policy can be enhanced (policy advisory), and to what extent the benefits outweigh the costs (cost-benefit analysis).

We also assist in assessing and validating public investment proposals and projects. We test the plausibility of underlying assumptions and provide well-founded estimates of the direct and indirect contributions to economic growth, employment, and (broader) prosperity. This way, we help our clients evaluate and select promising proposals.

How can companies and organisations optimise their innovation efforts?

For companies and organisations in the private sector, innovation is crucial for their profitability and competitiveness. By measuring the economic effects of innovation, we objectify and rationalise the investment choices of our clients. This does not just include ‘traditional’ technological product and process innovations, but also the increasingly important social innovations, aimed at improving business performance and addressing social issues.

One of our specialisations is measuring customer preferences and willingness to pay for (future) market introductions. We estimate demand for new products, provide pricing advice, and can make predictions about the behaviour of consumers and competitors.