Education has always been one of the spearheads in our research portfolio. Based on your research question, we help you collect relevant quantitative and/or qualitative information.

The cluster Education offers independent research into the different facets of education, the transition between education and the labour market, the education labour market and the influence policy could have on this. We differentiate ourselves through our knowledge of state-of-the-art (econometric) research methods with which we can identify and explain effects.

Sub expertise

Our researchers are characterised by the use of scientific research techniques and have a keen eye for answering your specific question. We nurture this mixture of science, policy and practice by staying in touch with the scientific world, making practical visits and taking part in the public debate. Are you interested in knowing beforehand, during or afterwards what the implications are (were) of certain measures or innovations? For every case we have a method to determine this, but we are also honest about the limitations of methods and research. Based on our findings, we can help you by giving advice on what does and does not work, what works more or less, and what works in the short or long term.

We have experience in all educational sectors, from pre- and primary school education to higher education. Here our research focusses on all parties involved in education, such as pupils and students, parents, teachers, school leaders and management, and on the field of work and the interaction between these two groups. In recent years we have done a lot of research into the vmbo, transitions between education sectors, equity, additional education, costs and funding and the Associate degree.

What is a smart study choice for students? What should courses focus on? Where do businesses find new and fresh employees with the right qualifications? It is important for the various parties involved to get a clear picture of what the demand, supply and prices (wages) are. We are specialised in offering information that is not directly available but follows from further analysis. A good example of this is Study & Work, the large-scale, annual study based on CBS Microdata into the wages and the time it takes to find a job for hbo and vwo graduates entering the labour market. We do something similar with an NRO study for mbo graduates.

Because of the teacher shortage, teacher policy is more than ever in the spotlight of the public debate. The labour market for education is one of the areas of expertise of our Education cluster. In recent years, teachers’ salaries have been at the centre of our studies more than once. For example, in the wage comparisons between education and the market sector and in the studies into the development of the job mix. Additionally, we are specialised in researching the training of teachers through refresher courses, among other things. The evaluations of various subsidy schemes to promote innovation in education have given us a great deal of knowledge on how to organise education differently, what works and what does not work and the aspects that influence this. That knowledge contributes to promising solutions for the teacher shortage.