SEO Amsterdam Economics has substantial experience in conducting a social cost-benefit analysis (SCBA). We wrote an important part of the guidelines that have to be followed when performing SCBA in the Netherlands. SEO is often asked to conduct challenging SCBAs, to advise on SCBAs and to review SCBAs conducted by other organisations. Examples are SCBAs of the World Cup Football, energy transition, preservation of monuments and childcare subsidies.

An SCBA shows whether the pros of a new policy outweigh the cons. The ambition here is to express all the effects, also the non-monetary ones, financially and show whether the social benefits outweigh the costs. This integral approach means that SCBA is an important tool to test policy plans. SCBA was initially used for transport infrastructure but is increasingly applied in other areas. SEO Amsterdam Economics has the economic insight necessary to apply the SCBA method in many different policy areas.

Prof. Dr. Carl Koopmans is an authority on SCBA methods and its application. Bert Tieben also performed several SCBA.