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Monitoring and evaluation of codes of conduct and governance instruments

Codes of conduct and governance codes are aimed at influencing behavior through coordination and mutual agreements. Codes of conduct are common in the financial sector (pension funds, banks, insurers and listed companies). In addition, many healthcare, educational and government institutions are bound by codes of conduct. These codes are often supplementary to existing legislation and regulations. As a rule, self-regulation is involved. Appropriate periodic monitoring of compliance with a code of conduct contributes to the visibility and effectiveness of the code. Publishing this also perpetuates the role of the code as a standard-setting instrument.

We have a great deal of experience with monitoring the operation of the code of conduct and governance for various sector organizations in the financial sector and for the government. We like to think along with you about possibilities to increase the effectiveness of this type of instrument. By combining a monitor with focus groups or a survey among the relevant target group, it is also possible to gain more insight into the considerations that parties make with regard to what is described in the code of conduct or governance.