What is the impact of environmental policy on welfare? What is an effective policy for the development of a sustainable economy? SEO Amsterdam Economics applies sound and innovative research to answer such questions, which concern the relationship between the environment and economics. Our researchers have extensive experience in the field of environmental economics and are able to advice clients on the basis of cutting edge scientific insights. Possible research questions involve the design of environmental policies and the impact of sustainability policies on the economy.

Sub expertise

What is the impact of environmental policy? What is more effective for the promotion of sustainability: subsidies or regulation? Such questions form the domain of policy evaluation studies for sustainability. SEO Amsterdam Economics has extensive experience in policy evaluation research for both environmental and sustainable energy related topics. We specialize in econometric evaluation techniques and support policy advice on the basis of our quantitative analyses.

Environmental policy contributes to welfare. This contribution can be explained in terms of the social costs and benefits of environmental policies and investments. SEO Amsterdam Economics specializes in this type applied welfare analysis in the field of sustainability. Social cost-benefit analysis can be used to assess the welfare impact of specific environmental policies but also to determine the added value of investments in sustainable energy.