National security is of public interest. SEO supports this public interest through analyses in the field of national and economic security, for both public and private clients.

We conduct analyses of the Dutch geo-economic position and risks to our national and economic security, including strategic dependencies and undesirable foreign investments. SEO is a member of the Dutch National Network of Safety and Security Analysts and is responsible for the economic analyses within this knowledge network. In doing so, we rely on our extensive expertise in security, including social cost-benefit analyses (SCBA) of defence investments, investigations into the funding of entities such as the police, public prosecution service, and judiciary as well as market surveys of key technologies such as cyber.


How do strategic dependencies, essential technologies, and energy supply security affect the national and economic security of the Netherlands?

SEO conducts research in the field of economic and national security, examining the impact of strategic dependencies in global value chains on the Dutch economy and businesses. Additionally, we analyse which essential technologies influence the international and diplomatic position of the Netherlands. Furthermore, we investigate the critical role of gas and oil supply security for national security.

How do we effectively finance the law enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial system?

SEO conducts in-depth analyses of investments, financing, and funding within the security sector. We not only examine how to best finance the law enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial system to ensure efficient operation, but also assess the strategic returns on investments in defence. Our research provides insights that can assist in optimising resource allocation and maximising the effectiveness of investments in the security sector.

Which future scenarios, trends, and related risks should organisations consider?

SEO provides support to both public and private organisations through scenario, trend, and risk analyses. We help organisations gain insight into potential future developments and the associated risks they may face. Our analyses cover various areas, including the evolution of key technologies such as cyber, enabling organisations to better prepare for potential challenges and opportunities in the future.