SEO Amsterdam Economics and ecbo perform the monitoring and evaluation of the Regeling Cofinanciering Sectorplannen (scheme for co-financing of sector plans). As part of this evaluation, six quick scans will published through 2018. The six quick scans will present an overview of the state of affairs. In addition, these quick scans will provide input for the interim evaluations in 2016 and 2018 and the final evaluation in 2019. This third quick scan assesses the contents of the sector plans, the planned measures and the progress (as of late September 2015) of the measures. It also discusses opinions on the cooperation within the framework of the plans.

In the first two tranches 76 sector plans are being implemented, with an intended participation of 395,265 people in total. A total of €354 million in co-financing has been awarded. In addition, there is funding by the sectors themselves for a total of €683 million. Of the 395,265 scheduled participants, 146,870 have been realized to date. About half of the measures are running behind schedule. The progress of about 45 percent of the measures is on schedule, and 5 percent are ahead of schedule. This quick scan contains more information about the sector plans, the measures contained in these plans, and their progress.