What could the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and financial advisors (and other stake holders) do to improve supervision and to thereby achieve a healthier financial sector, with affordable costs for supervision and without the frustration that often rears it’s head now? To answers these questions, 8.000 financial advisors were asked to fill out a survey. Following the results of the survey, entrepreneurs and business advisors were interviewed.

Financial advisors take a positive view towards the existence of supervision on their actions. It’s the interpretation of the supervision by the AFM that they are critical of. This is partly due to the knowledge and culture gap between the AFM and this large group of mostly smaller SME entrepreneurs. The effectiveness and efficiency of supervision will be improved if the AFM manages to bridge this gap. But that also requires something from the financial advisors. They will have to adjust to the realities of supervision. Improvement must come from both sides.